EVSR Tackles New Jersey Motorsports Park


On October 18&19, EVSR #01, driven by Todd Reid, competed in sprint races at New Jersey Motorsports Park on Thunderbolt Raceway with SCCA. Todd qualified 6th, but chose to start from the back to avoid interfering with anyone’s championship races. Todd climbed from 15th to 7th in the first race and then 7th to 1st […]

EVSRs are first cars on Palmer Motorsports Park in Palmer MA


EVSRs were the first two cars on the freshly paved track at Palmer Motorsports Park. Both EVSRs were able to christen the track during a number of sporting laps. EVSR is proud to bring the first cars to this challenging and exciting track.

EVSR sets Fastest Electric Lap at Watkins Glen Short Course


On October 3, 2014, EVSR #01 driven by Charlie Greenhaus posted a new Electric Lap record for Watkins Glen during SCCA regional Practice. He posted a 1:27.482 with an average of 100.8 mph.

Jay Leno Test Drives EVSR


On tour doing stand up Jay Leno takes a few minutes to experience EVSR #82, one of Entropy Racing’s fully electric racecars, in the parking lot of his most recent gig. We really enjoyed sharing the car with Jay and based on his reactions, I think he enjoyed it as well. Entropy Racing has built […]

Jay Leno Test Drives EVSR – Photo Gallery


[Show slideshow] Famed “Car Guy” and comedian Jay Leno took time out from his busy schedule to take a look at the EVSR cars and spin a few laps. Check out the video on our video page to see his reaction to our race car and how much he digs the custom hauler we use every day!

EVSR High Speed Run at Pocono Raceway


Here is a clip of EVSR #01 “Spark-E” during speed trials yesterday at Pocono. Thanks to Alex Rubenstein at Precision Track Time for the opportunity, and thanks to Pocono International Speedway for their help in making 140MPH an electrifying experience. Charles Turano did a fantastic job of driving the electric race car safely and quickly. When […]

140 Mph Fly-by


Here is a view from the pits of EVSR #01 driven by Charles Turano hitting 140mph on the main straight at Pocono Raceway. Who says that electrics don’t make cool noises!

High Speed Pocono Test Runs – Photo Gallery


[Show slideshow] Check out pics from our latest tests at Pcono International Raceway to see just how fast we can make Spark-E go. We managed to get up to 140 mph, and there is still more in the car. Our limiting factor seemed to be the layout of the track and not being able to […]



  EVSR returns to Mt. Washington as the Electric King of the Hill Kick off the National Drive Electric Week with EVSR at the Alternate Energy Summit On September 13th and 14th, EVSR and Tim O’Neal, the electric kings of the hill will be back at Mt. Washington for the first time since setting the […]

Dan Sperling drives EVSR at the Wilzig Racing Manor


Dan Sperling took EVSR #01 for a test drive at the Wilzig Racing Manor. He had some awesome things to say after his test drive. Here is a fast lap and his post drive interview.