Post test drive reaction from Grassroots Motorsports Magazine Editor


Ed Higginbotham shares his first reactions after a test drive in EVSR #01, Spark-E.

EVSR at Carlisle Imports and Kits Autocross


On May 17th, 2014, We entered EVSR #02 (Fritz) in the Autocross at Carlisle Imports and Kits. This was the first time Fritz saw completion and he did amazingly well! Placed first in his class and in the top third overall. He will be off to get aligned and then off to Lime Rock Park […]

EVSR Got A Brother!


Introducing the second car in the EVSR series, Fritz! Here is car number two taking a lap around the parking lot! Tuning will be finished this week and both cars will be at Carlisle Imports and Kits this weekend, May 16-18 2014!

EVSR Is Revealed To The Public

The newest electric race car, the EVSR, is publicly unveiled at the Entropy Racing Shop

Entropy Racing unveiled the EVSR Electric Race Car at their annual Winter Party. EVSR represents the next evolution of Entropy’s already successful racing business. The pure electric drive train is quieter, cleaner and more efficient than traditional Internal Combustion powered Sports Racers that the EVSR is based on. Entropy Racing is tuning the car to be […]

Second Car Construction Begins

EVSR frame #2 being prepped for modification for batteries and motor

EVSR #02 is already in process and will certainly be complete and ready for Memorial Day. A frame has been selected and is on the saw horses being modified for its new running gear. All the suspension is gathered and assembled as sub units and a build list is made. We will share details as progress […]

First Car Completed Assembly

The first EVSR in the shop after final assembly is complete

The first EVSR Electric Race Car has rolled off the lift and is ready to run! On Friday, January 10, the final bolts were tightened and wiring and programming finished in time to test at the Dyno the next day. EVSR #1 marks the end of a 2 month process of design, parts selection and assembly. […]