The EVSR Team

Meet the key players on the EVSR Project Team

The Pikes Peak EVSR Team: Tim O’Neil

Tim O'Neil

A familiar face will be piloting one of the fully electric EVSR racecars in this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb: Tim O’Neil. O’Neil drove EVSR #82 during Subaru’s 2014 Climb to the Clouds at Mt Washington when he bested his 1990 CTTC hill record of 7:45 with a time of 7 minutes and 28 seconds. […]

The Pikes Peak EVSR Team: Rick Knoop

Rick Knoop

Rick Knoop, who drove the Knoop-Mann Special to a 2nd-in-class finish in last year’s Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, will drive the second EVSR in this year’s Pikes Peak race. Knoop is an seasoned driver who has placed and won on the world stage. He has seen victory at Le Mans, won Daytona, and earned factory rides from Toyota, […]

The Pikes Peak EVSR Team: Charles Turano

Charles Turano

Lead Driver Charles Turano is a two-time EMRA champion who has also raced in NASA and SCCA. He’s been the lead driver in many 12-hour races as well as the first 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race in 2003. Turano’s expertise also extends to the instructor’s seat—he’s the chief instructor for both Entropy Racing and […]

The EVSR Team: Charlie Greenhaus


Project Manager and Chief Engineer: Charlie Greenhaus has been the driving force behind Entropy Racing for 25 years and in that time has taken on many motorsports challenges, both as a club racing driver, and as a service provider for the racing community. Charlie’s career began as a method to support his racing passion which […]

The EVSR Team: Charles Turano

Charles Turano

Driver and Chief Programmer: Charles Turano has  decades of experience training drivers both in the classroom and on the track. As a veteran race instructor, he has spent countless hours helping drivers find their groove. A talented racer in his own right, Charles will be looking to help groom the next generation of top flight drivers as IMG’s […]

The EVSR Team: Todd Reid


Lead Driver: Todd Reid brings years of real world racing experience to the EVSR team. Starting in 1994 at track events, he moved up the ranks to become a nationally certified Instructor for Porsche Club of America. In addition to PCA, Todd also instructs for BMW, Ferrari, Lotus and the National Auto Sport Association. Topping […]