EVSR Testing

EVSR testing programs and results

EVSR High Speed Run at Pocono Raceway


Here is a clip of EVSR #01 “Spark-E” during speed trials yesterday at Pocono. Thanks to Alex Rubenstein at Precision Track Time for the opportunity, and thanks to Pocono International Speedway for their help in making 140MPH an electrifying experience. Charles Turano did a fantastic job of driving the electric race car safely and quickly. When […]

140 Mph Fly-by


Here is a view from the pits of EVSR #01 driven by Charles Turano hitting 140mph on the main straight at Pocono Raceway. Who says that electrics don’t make cool noises!

High Speed Pocono Test Runs – Photo Gallery


[Show slideshow] Check out pics from our latest tests at Pcono International Raceway to see just how fast we can make Spark-E go. We managed to get up to 140 mph, and there is still more in the car. Our limiting factor seemed to be the layout of the track and not being able to […]

EVSR at Lime Rock Park on April 16, 2014


Very cold but clear day at Lime Rock Park. Come out to our next visit to this legendary raceway on May 24 to watch Andy Lally take the EVSR on track. Very successful test and our most sincere thanks to Lime Rock Park for the continued support.

EVSR at Lime Rock Park on April 15, 2014


EVSR taking some laps at the world renown Lime Rock Park. Very wet that day but the EVSR proves that with its advanced tuning, water is no handicap. The car continues to exceed expectations and works fantastic in the rain. Come out and watch our next trip to Lime Rock Park when Andy Lally, winner of […]

Rain Testing EVSR at Lime Rock


Proving EVSR is a race car like any other. More testing at Lime Rock this evening. Andrew did a whole new power map for range and tailored it to Lime Rock. 10% less power with only 1 second loss. Very successful test and our most sincere thanks to Lime Rock for the continued support.

EVSR Takes On Internal Combustion Car At Summit Point


SUMMIT POINT, W. Va. (March 11, 2014)- During our recent track test of the new EVSR Electric at Summit Point, we couldn’t resist throwing one of our gas powered Internal Combustion cars into the ring with EVSR to see how they stacked up against each other. We are racers, you knew this would happen… Who […]

Dyno Test #4: Changes Yield Big Results

Charlie mans the controls during EVSR #01's 4th dyno test

Our January 28th dyno test was a spectacular success reinforcing our changes from the past tests and seeing significant improvement in the 2 areas where we were having the most difficulties. Since our last test, we engineered and machined new drive flanges and used an entirely new flex coupler between our motor and differential. This […]

Dyno Test #3: Real World Simulation

Jeannette and Dale monitor temps while Charlie and Chris compile data  for EVSR Dyno Test #3

EVSR’s Dyno Test #3 aimed to test the car in a more realistic manner. With more changes to the cooling and driveline systems, performance was expected to improve. Having good discharge and power data, our 3rd Dyno run was targeted at more cooling studies and steady state loads to match horsepower to amps drawn. We also […]

Dyno Test #2: Stress Testing

EVSR takes to the dyno to stretch out it's drive line

EVSR heads back to the Dyno for another workout with a forced air cooling system installed. The results of the first Dyno Test proved sufficient power and range to meet all of our goals, with run times and amperage draw being within spec. The test also showed additional cooling was needed. Dyno test #2 was another stress […]