EVSR makes it to the top – but not in top form

Charlie Greenhaus comments on EVSR’s disappointing finish at the 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb:

“Yesterday’s competition at PPIHC was the most difficult and heartbreaking result ever for EVSR. The short story is that we had some electrical glitch that caused one motor to not run and as a result Rick drove almost the entire mountain at 50% power. As we watched Rick launch we knew he was running on only one motor and all of our hearts sank. Ed and I stared at each other thinking we knew exactly what happened but when Rick returned down the mountain our conclusions were proven wrong and even after pulling codes and analyzing all we could we have no explanation for the malfunction. Rick reported that the car “woke up” and ran at full power around Devil’s Playground and then went back to half power shortly thereafter.  When he returned the car was functioning perfectly and we could not duplicate the problem.

We can’t help but be disappointed for the entire team and especially for Rick Knoop who took EVSR to new heights in qualifying, outperforming many Porsches, big american V8 cars, and even a V10 viper. Our 36th out 0f of 63 car qualifier showed promise towards and even stronger finish.

The team was ready and proved its quality throughout the week. Rick’s brilliant driving and the perfect weather conditions had us all convinced that we were poised to be one of (if not the only) sub-200HP car to make the ascent in under 11 minutes.

In the end there is little we could or would have done differently and hopefully we can come back to the Peak and show our true potential.

Congrats to Romain Dumas for his fantastic run and overall win.  Congratulations also to Rhys Millen (Official Fan Page) for his second place overall (with spin) and Electric modified win.  I would especially like to mention the Rimac Automobili crew that built and crewed for “Monster” Tajima and his ERunner. They are great guys and showed us enthusiasm and great sportsmanship throughout.

My personal favorite this year was a suprise to me. Honda brought an all electric Acura NSX and while the language barrier was a little steep, the crew of the car were great people and the driver Tetsuya Yamano, couldn’t have been kinder or more willing to share his time.

In the end, EVSR was honored to be selected to be part of the 100th anniversary of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and while the result is not what we would have liked we did a good job and proved the car has what it takes… Just not on Sunday.”

Pikes Peak as seen on race day