The EVSR Team: Charles Turano


Driver and Chief Programmer:

Charles Turano has  decades of experience training drivers both in the classroom and on the track. As a veteran race instructor, he has spent countless hours helping drivers find their groove. A talented racer in his own right, Charles will be looking to help groom the next generation of top flight drivers as IMG’s Chief Instructor. His  weapon of choice is an Entropy Sports Racer. Not that he’s picky – He’ll drive pretty much anything fast.

Starting in 1997, Charlie movied up the ranks fast to Time Trials with EMRA, earning Champion status in 1999 and 2000. He enjoys Enduros and Sprint Races with NASA, SCCA and EMRA. He competed in the first 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race in 2003. Since that event, Charlie has competed in many 12 hour races, most times as lead driver.

After becoming the Chief Instructor for Entropy Racing in 2005, Charlie began leading others on the path to becoming race drivers. He has instructed also for NASA, SCCA and SCDA.

When the EVSR project was conceived, Entropy Racing selected Charles as an obvious choice with his expertise in engineering and computer programming. His analytical approach and technical experience also made him the de facto choice as EVSR’s lead driver.