Videos posted of Rick Knoop EVSR practice at PPIHC

EVSR has posted in-car video of Rick’s drive up the three stages of practice for tomorrow’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

The first video is of the practice at the top section of the mountain. There are things that only a select few can do and this kind of driving qualifies as one of those things. The first left turn is a high speed sweeper where the only sight marker for turn-in is a mountain top 5 miles in the distance and the runoff is just thin air, and this is only a taste of things to come. This was our first day of practice after breaking a half shaft on the first day of practice, and Rick Knoop‘s ability to drive with such confidence is a credit to him and his confidence in the team. Hang on and enjoy the ride from safety of your chair.

EVSR practice - top section







The second video is of the middle section practice. Another great day with no problems and all smiles. We don’t have times yet bit we know that they are a big improvement over last year. For the full run we will be much faster than last year and are aiming at the 11 minute mark. Excuse the weird GPS readings at low speed; we forgot the antenna for the camera.

EVSR practice - middle section







The third video is of the bottom section practice.  Yes, this is a repeat of what we posted Thursday, we wanted to link to it again in case you missed it :)

Rick Knoop qualifying Pikes Peak