EVSR makes its competition debut at the SCCA Chasing The Dragon Hillclimb in Robinsville, NC.  A hillclimb works the suspension a bit more than we are used to on circuit tracks, so we were curious to see the suspension in action.  Listen to the great electric motor sounds!

EVSR at SCCA Dragon Hillclimb - Suspension Cam

Inside EVSR: The Motor & Driveline

Electric Power vs Gasoline

Extreme Testing in the Early Days



First On Board Video of EVSR (#001)

First On Board Video of EVSR (#001)Chassis #001 (aka Sparky) takes his debut run at Summit Point Motorsports Park in WV.

During our recent track test, we stashed a camera under the bodywork to catch the driveline in action up close.  Notice anything missing?

Our 2014 Track Test with EVSR vs Entropy’s gas-powered racer.  We couldn't resist throwing one of our gas powered Internal Combustion cars into the ring with EVSR to see how they stacked up against each other.

More testing at Lime Rock, this time in the rain. Skeptics often express concerns about EVs in the rain.  You can see here there are *no* issues. As a matter of fact, time and experience have proven that EVSR excels in the rain.



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