When Entropy Racing started the EVSR program in 2013...

our intent wasn’t born out of an environmental viewpoint, it was seen more of a challenge to make an all-electric racecar that could be competitive with its gas-powered counterparts.  And we achieved that, time and time again.  (http://evsr.net/team-highlights).

What the team has come to appreciate is two-fold. Within the limitations of range, We have found that EVSR is just a better race car. It is well balanced, power transfer is more direct and controllable and the car is more reliable and easier to maintain than anything the team has ever owned or serviced in our 30 year history.

At the end of the 2013 race season, Entropy Racing started to give some serious thought to a new project that would really showcase the shop’s talents and versatility. The discussion of current trends and exciting projects out in the world had been getting our interest. One of the common recurring themes was that the only truly successful electric race car projects noted were backed by millions of dollars, the world’s best engineers and years of development. Entropy decided to take a stab at producing a low cost, viable electric race car for a variety of events in a small fraction of the time and budget.

The result is a complete race car, dyno tested and ready to race in less than 3 months.

EVSR race cars are excellent training tools for the novice driver and are also driven by, and have earned the respect of. the most seasoned racing professionals.  Professionals that driven our race cars include 5-time Daytona 24 Hour race winner and professional sports car champion Andy Lally, 5 time US and North American Rally Champion Tim O’Neil, 1984 24-Hours of Le Mans Winner Rick Knoop, and talk show host and car aficionado Jay Leno.

The Second Generation EVSR was introduced in January 2020. While retaining much of the proven driveline and suspension, EVSR performed a complete redesign of the safety cage and battery containment, and streamlined wiring, accessories, and added a fully-integrated electronic dashboard. The most noticeable difference is a brand new, single piece body designed and executed in-house; which reduces weight, offers better aerodynamics, and increases serviceability.

EVSR had undergone a strenuous testing regimen at the dyno and at the shop in its early development. Over the past 8 years, EVSR has been proving its capabilities well attending over 100 events; ranging from road courses, hill climbs, autocross, endurance racing, and even a trip to the drag strip. Our custom programming has been developed with the focus upon balancing efficiency, range, and performance – making EVSR the most successful road-racing elecric cars in the world.

The Entropy Racing EVSR program has and continues to show the racing world that electric race cars are not only possible, but viable and attainable to the racing community, without nearly as many zeroes at the end of the invoice.

EVSR is less revolutionary, than it is evolutionary.

EVSR has grown from solid racing principals and a well proven design principles. We look forward to paving the way for many EVs on the track competing, quickly, cleanly and quietly.

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