Enjoy the Exclusive Electric Experience…

Starting in the 2021 Season, EVSR will be offering rentals and leases on a limited basis to qualified drivers.  Take a look at our calendar of events (or send us one we don’t have listed) and EVSR will bring the expertise and equipment to you.

EVSR fully preps and supports their cars for wheel-to-wheel racing, autocross, and HPDE events.

Saving the Planet at 130mph

EVSR offers a cost effective way for you to enter the exclusive world of electric racing.  Enjoy 8 years of development, testing, racing (and winning!) on the track this Season.  Our rental program allows club drivers to experience the exciting world of electric racing.

Why EVSR?  

EVSR is the only EV race car company to provide this type of access to drivers. EVSR offers this opportunity to experience cutting edge technology at a reasonable fee.