Sponsorship brings so much more than a logo on a car.

A common misconception about sponsoring a racecar or a race series is it just gets you a logo on a car, but sponsoring EVSR will get you so much more than some vinyl space.

Sponsorship brings increased visibility.

Spectators both on TV and at the racetrack; Tens of thousands of miles traveled from event to event; Mention of brand during racing (broadcasting).

Sponsorship brings increased revenue.

Merchandising opportunities; Brand loyalty; Both “Green” and motorsports demographics will choose your products over competitors.

Sponsorship brings increased employee morale.

*Exclusive access, event passes, and unique involvement in events.
*Increase employee pride and loyalty toward you and your business.
*Corporate Days: give employees the opportunity to drive race cars as part of team building or as part of a corporate outing.

Sponsorship creates positive associations with your company.

*Sponsorship positions your company as Green.
*Your company will be seen as responsible, renewable, yet vital and exciting.
*Technology and Supplier Sponsors demonstrate the performance of their product in use under the most demanding of conditions.

Sponsorship positions your company as Future Minded.

EVSR and electric powered racecars are the future of Motorsports.
*Show you are committed to the future by promoting renewable and sustainable solutions.